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We are guided by a simple yet profound vision - build the most influential community of changemakers that revolutionizing history, and help. See where we’re going, and stay up to date on the latest news.

Latest Update: July 12th, 2022

I. The Beginnings

1) NBC News : The Cryptofederacy Origin Story


April 20, 2022

In the first public interview appearance, the founder reveals the incredible story behind removing dozens of monuments of Confederate Monuments across the South, including the infamous Robert E. Lee statue in Virginia. Click here to view the story and watch the video.

2) The New York Times


April 20, 2022

Kicking off our campaign with our article by dropping Sunday, April 20th on the front cover of the New York Times. Click here to read the article. 

3) Expanding Our Team


April - May , 2022

We’re hiring artists, marketing, and administrative talent to bring the community alive. To be considered as a member of our growing team, please send your resume to

II. Community Foundations

4) Establishing Core Values



Everything starts and ends with our community of changemakers. We're on a mission to create a global movement of people committed to empowering, inspiring, and bringing about movements of positive change among our own community locally, nationwide, and globally.


The foundation of this project has always been about giving back to the communities that’ve been largely disenfranchised by the sentiments and history at the center of these monuments.


Our initiative is not just about creating a temporary moment, but a lasting movement. 

III. The Thirteen Stars

5) The Thirteen Stars NFT Collection


Summer 2022

The inaugural NFT collection kicking off our special community. Thirteen digital moments in history from the person on the frontlines of dismantling the very centerpieces encapsulating America's centuries long relationship with slavery. View here to view The Thirteen Stars Auction

6) Donating Proceeds to Non-Profit Organizations

Summer 2022

Proceeds from each NFT will be donated to thirteen non-profit organizations benefiting social issues caused by the sentiments these monuments posed. Follow on Discord to stay up to date and hear when new partnerships are confirmed!

IV. Crazystatz

7) Partnering with Non-Profit Organizations

In Progress

Summer 2022

We're partnering with boots on the ground non-profit organizations benefiting many various social issues amongst the BIPOC community. Contact us at to learn more about partnership opporunities.

8) Crazystatz NFT Collection

Coming Soon

Summer 2022

Our second NFT drop, giving you 10,000 reasons to join our driven community. More information on the Crazystatz collection coming soon. 

V. Physical

9) In Person Events


Summer 2022

Meet-ups, pop-up events, concerts, and more will give us the opportunity to expand our reach beyond a purely digital experience. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with the latest updates!

10) Exclusive Merchandise

Fall 2022

Members of Cryptofederacy can expect first access to exclusive drops in perpetuity. Coming soon.

11) Expanding Core Team

Fall 2022

Our careers page will go live with additional open roles.

VI. Legacy

12) The Cryptofederacy Museum Experience


Calling on New York, DC, London, LA, Chicago, and major cities worldwide, The Cryptofederacy Experience will be first NFT exhibit ever displayed within the world's most beloved and prestigious art and history museums in the world. The Cryptofederacy Experience will be a traveling exhibit showcasing multigenerational art behind the rise, struggle, tension, and reclamation of the very centerpieces encapsulating America's centuries long relationship with slavery.

13) Token and Monetization


We're already partnering with companies and exploring a token + monetization strategy for NFT holders that can be used across museum, metaverse, and future in person experiences. 

14) Take Our Mission Global

Making History. 

With thousands of causes and moments left to capture, we're here to stay, and together, make a lasting impact on the world and our communities. One monument at a time.

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