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CryptoFederacy Announces Goal to Raise 13 Million Dollars for Social Causes in the U.S.

On the newly minted Juneteenth holiday in 2022, CryptoFederacy launched "The Thirteen Stars," its first NFT Collection, to raise $1 Million dollars for 13 different social causes. Why? And what is CryptoFederacy?

About CryptoFederacy

CryptoFederacy is a new community rooted in creating artwork and NFT Moments that give back to the underserved communities most impacted by America's centuries-old relationship with slavery, institutional racism, and other sentiments emblematized by Confederate Monuments. CryptoFederacy was founded in 2022 by Devon Henry, the CEO of Team Henry Enterprises, LLC – the company hired to dismantle Confederate monuments across the South.

CryptoFederacy is bringing social activism into the world of Web3 by creating innovative and engaging NFT Art projects and initiatives that educate individuals and organizations about opportunities in Web3 – and specifically how to generate revenue to address critical economic and social issues in the United States.

After dismantling 23 Confederate Statues, Devon Henry launched the CryptoFederacy NFT Art collection to raise money for social causes in the US– $1 million for each of the 13 stars on the old Confederate flag. The total: $13 million.

The 13 social causes “The Thirteen Stars” contributes to are:

Maternal & Infant Healthcare, Mental Health Resources, HBCU & Scholarship, Food Insecurity, Justice System Reform, LGBTQIA+ Equality, Affordable Housing, Gun Violence Prevention, Voting Rights, Domestic Violence Prevention, Youth Development and Access to Capital.

The first of the “The Thirteen Stars” dropped on the 157th anniversary of Juneteenth, a new Federal U.S. holiday that commemorates the emancipation of enslaved Americans.

The CryptoFederacy NFT project aims to use the resources raised to make a direct impact in communities –directly helping to undo the harmful residual impacts of the Confederacy.

Five Benefits and Outcomes of the CryptoFederacy Project

The CryptoFederacy project will:

  1. Generate significant revenue to address critical economic and social issues across the U.S.

  2. Give individuals everywhere an opportunity to own a digital moment in history that commemorates the dismantling of the monuments.

  3. Bring social activism into the Web3 space by creating innovative NFT art projects and initiatives and to educate individuals and organizations about opportunities in Web3.

  4. Bring together individuals from various sectors, such as collectors, artists, tech leaders, and Web3 enthusiasts to show more support for charity causes.

  5. Provide a platform where people can profitably and effectively express themselves in the Web3 world.

About the CryptoFederacy Team

The CryptoFederacy project has a team of experienced economists, blockchain experts, IT personnel, and traders. Devon Henry and his CryptoFederacy team are also committed to finalizing partnerships with established non-profit organizations who are on the ground in communities across the U.S. doing great work.

To learn more about "The 13 Stars NFT" and to be updated about its news, NFT drops, and other pecks, go to the CryptoFederacy website or follow any of its socials; Twitter, Discord, Instagram, and Facebook.

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