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Part 1: Business owner who removed Confederate monuments speaks publicly for first time


In 1890, the Robert E. Lee Monument was unveiled for the first time. Over 150,000 people crowded the streets of Richmond, Virginia to witness the state erect next to a tobacco field planted as an exhibition garden of Virginia's leading cash crop. 


The editor of Richmond Planet, the city's leading African American newspaper of the time, wrote of the men who erected the statue:  "should the time come, he [a black man] will be there - to take it down."


One hundred and thirty years later, African American CEO and President, Devon Henry, was the only contractor who stepped up to that challenge. Henry and his company were hired across the Southern United States to remove and de-platform dozens of the most prolific and historic Confederate Monuments following the Black Lives Matter Movement, including the infamous statues of Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis, and more….


The statues that once represented years of oppression and the fight of the south to keep black people enslaved are now gone but now what?


Devon and his team decided to turn 19th century “art” that was seen as a symbol of negativity and hate to art of the 21st century, The Thirteen Stars NFT project. The Thirteen Stars is a play on the thirteen stars of the confederate flag. Each star represents the removal of a racist deplorable statue and tied to a social cause that has plagued black and brown communities for decades. 


90% of the proceeds will be donated to organizations that are mission-driven to bring awareness to the thirteen social causes.

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